No Tech For Genocide Day of Action - April 16

Just last week, TIME reported that two more Google workers have resigned from Google, citing Project Nimbus and Google’s complicity. Eddie Hatfield, a Google Cloud engineer and No Tech for Apartheid activist, was fired in March just days after their disruption of a Google-sponsored Israeli tech conference. Shortly after Hatfield's dismissal, Vidana Abdel Khalek, a Trust and Safety Policy Employee at Google, resigned in protest of the contract after seeing Google’s clear-cut retaliation against Eddie.

Google is enabling and profiting from Israel’s AI-powered genocide through Project Nimbus, their $1B cloud contract with Israel. The Israeli military is also using Google Photos as part of a facial recognition dragnet across Gaza, which has led to the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of thousands of Palestinians with little to no evidence. It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means. 

Google workers do not want their labor to power Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. That’s why on April 16, Google workers with No Tech For Apartheid are leading a coast-to-coast day of action to demand that Google stop doing business with Israel and providing tech to this genocide. 

The time is now to rise up against Project Nimbus, in support of Palestinian liberation, and join calls to end the Israeli occupation and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. This has never been more urgent. 

Join us in New York City, Sunnyvale, CA and Seattle, WA on April 16 to demand No Tech For Genocide!


Drop Project Nimbus:
We demand that Google stop providing material support to this genocide by canceling its Project Nimbus contract and immediately cease doing business with the Israeli apartheid government and military.

Stop the harassment, intimidation, bullying, silencing, and censorship of Palestinian, Arab, Muslim Googlers:
We demand that Google leadership immediately halt its continuous empowerment of hate, abuse, and retaliation against those who speak out and establish a working environment where Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian Googlers are not subject to harassment, racism, and collusion against them.

Address the health and safety crisis among Google workers:
Project Nimbus has become a major health & safety workplace conditions issue. Multiple workers have quit citing the serious mental health consequences of working at a company that is using their labor to enable a genocide. We demand that Google stop the retaliation against and doxxing of workers speaking out, and create a safe working environment for all workers.

New York City

Google Chelsea
9th Ave & 16th Street Entrance
2 PM


Google Cloud HQ / Google MP Campus
1175 Borregas Ave
11 AM


Lake Union Park
11 AM

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